Banbury Road sessions

Recorded and produced at Banbury Road, Oxford, 1979 by Peter Hancock and Andrew Burnham; remastered by Andrew Burnham

“Must You be Going?” – words and music © Bernard Hanaway

“Must You be Going?”

Jo Nicholson Smith: Lead vocal
Bernard Hanaway: Epiphone Texan FT-145 acoustic, second vocal
Paul “Wiff” Wiffen: Crumar Multiman S, flute
Colin Wight: Fender F-55 12-string acoustic, Coloursound wah-wah
Andrew Burnham: Fender Precision bass
Paul Campbell: Drum set

“Featherbed Lane” – words and music © Bernard Hanaway

“Featherbed Lane”

Jo: Lead vocal
Bernard: Epiphone Texan FT-145 acoustic
Wiff: Crumar Multiman S, acoustic piano, Epiphone SG
Andrew: Fender Precision bass
Paul: Drum set

“Flares” – words and music © Bernard Hanaway


Bernard: Shergold Meteor Deluxe
Colin: Shergold Custom Double, Korg MiniKorg-700
Andrew: Fender Precision customised fretless bass
Paul: Drum set

Pete’s mixing desk under construction: courtesy of Professor Peter Hancock
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