Lockdown sessions

Work in progress: recorded at Glasshouse Studios, Cumnor, Oxfordshire – as well as at Minnis Bay, Oxford, London and Exeter – in 2020, and produced by Andrew Burnham

Move the Air” – words and music © Bernard Hanaway

“Move the Air”

Bernard Hanaway: Yamaha CPX700, Fender American Stratocaster, second vocal
Jo Nicholson Smith: Lead vocal 
Colin Wight: Epiphone ES-339, Faith Venus Eclipse 12-string, Shergold Custom Double, Ovation Applause AE-128 (open D), Waldorf Streichfett, Arturia MiniBrute SE (engine noise), third vocal, tambourine, Boss DR-550 (percussion)
Andrew Burnham: Fender Precision bass, additional percussion

Supermarine Spitfire Mk1: RAF official photographer, from the collections of Imperial War Museums

Broadleaf Summer” – words and music © Bernard Hanaway

“Broadleaf Summer”

Bernard: Yamaha CPX700, second vocal
Jo: Lead vocal
Colin: Fender Telecaster 72 Custom, Epiphone ES-339, Faith Venus Eclipse 12-string, Waldorf Streichfett, Schott pearwood descant recorder, finger cymbals, Roland FP-30
Andrew: Fender Precision bass

“(Somewhere Near) Ashby de la Zouch” – words and music © Bernard Hanaway

“Ashby de la Zouch”

Bernard: Fender American Stratocaster, lead vocal, Hohner Blues harp
Jo: Second vocal 
Colin: Epiphone ES-339, Ovation Applause AE-128 (open D), third vocal, tambourine
Andrew: Fender Precision bass
Chris: Premier drum set

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