Our Music

What sort of music do we play?

We only play songs written by Bernard Hanaway. We don’t play covers, although we did in our early days (Neil Young, Paul Simon, The Beatles, Love, The Flamin’ Groovies… ) We’ve been playing together since 1979…. with a short break of 30 or so years until we got back together again in 2011.

What do we sound like?

Listen to our most recent sessions

We were teenagers in the ’70s, so the music of the time had a huge influence on us, but we’ve developed our own style. People say we remind them of Pentangle, Curved Air, Fairport Convention, Jefferson Airplane… maybe because we have a female singer… but sometimes they mention Love, CSN&Y, Iron Butterfly or The Kinks. It depends on the song. And we can play loud when the mood takes us.

Mr Hanaway has been a songwriter for 50 years and he is still developing his craft. You can be sure that there will be a personal story, with a meticulously-crafted lyric full of wit and imagery. Whatever the song is about, and whatever its key or time signature, sooner or later we’ll be playing an E flat major 7 chord.

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